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Re: IA prices

> Does anyone really understand what Ned is doing? If he's just extending the
> max boost shut-off point from one value to another by changing some values
> in a rom look-up table, why doesn't he just give you the max safe boost in
> stage I? For another $795 I'd expect something more than an upgrade from
> sub-optimal software to optimal. No flame > Ned intended, just wanna know
> if there's more to stage II than different numbers in an eprom.

Just as another data point, I had somebody mail me their IA EPROM from a 
TQC a few days ago.  I read it and compared it to the stock EPROM and 
guess what?  They were exactly the same!  The guy who sent me the ROM 
didn't want to send me his whole computer, so I can't say for sure, but 
it seems to me that at least on the TQC upgrades, all he's doing is the 
old trick of dividing down the boost pressure signal a la SuperChips and 

In all fairness to Ned, the chip I tested was several years old... maybe
he's changed the mod in recent times to include some actual changes to the
EPROM.  Anyone care to donate a recent IA TQC computer to me for a few 
days to finally put this question to rest? 

                                                         Dan Bocek