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Re: R123a in A/C

Hmmmm.....  A dupont scam if there ever was one....  How bout this tidbit,
the Dupont patent on R12 refrigerent was to expire in 1996......  So, what
would you do if you were trying to retain the king of cool.....  Appeal to
the government body that has there head someplace warm and dark, the
EPA......  134 is "cleaner" they claim, and hey by the way, we have a patent
on the 134 (very fine print)........    Now, the other side of the
supply/demand scale is that once the govment decision was to ban R12, Clinton
put a $4. per pound environmental tax on all R12 sales, new or to be
produced........  Nice revenue generator.....  Then, the administration
decided that more money was needed to boost the bottom line, so a call went
to dupont, that before ceasing all production of R12 (i believe it was to be
Jan of this year) would they please make some 750 million TONS more of 12 for
"tax puposes", no that would be for remaining demand, that's it......  So,
the myth that you will need to convert to 134a is not completely true, maybe
in 10yrs or so, but no time soon......  Can you convert to 134a, you
bet......  Do you want to, no way.....  It takes more airflow to give you
heat exchange and it is not as "cool" as a R12 car would be in the same
conditions, and it is harmful to Umans and it corrodes A/c component
faster.........    The recycling of R12 is now a double edge sword.......
  Becuz, what Dupont or the cgovment didn't realize was that some smort folks
are tapping the largest R12 storage there is, the home a/c and refrigerators
that are sitting in the landfills......  Since the price of freon has now
made this "leeching" of old freon more profitable, the expiration of R12
supply will be not '98 as the gov had anticipated, but somewhere in the next
century.........  Neat story of the "environmental" sell on one of the
"hottest" items in the country.......  I'm sure graydon can prolly shed some
technical "lowlites" on 134a, and given this is an old post, he might have
done so......

Long live the 12 R's of summer