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Re: more on '87 TQW idle problem?

A better way to ck your O2 sensor is to use a dwell meter on the fuel dist
freq valve......  Hook up the positive dwell to your test plug (by the fuel
filter) (green) and the negative to a ground, use 4 cyl dwell.....  the audi
spec is 50+/- 8, but thats degrees so you want 90% of 42 (37-38) at idle.....
 Now, a new O2 sensor can peg that number pretty well....  A "skunked" one
(scuze the pun) will sway about 5% on any number you are trying.....  I'm
pretty confident that's not your prollum glen, cuz my sensor has been bad for
some time now, and tho it's slow it does not affect the car like what you're
doing.....  You may want to ck the idle position switch to make sure you have
a clean signal to the stabilizer  valve.....  You should be able to ck the
valve by the output diagnostic on the ck engine lite......   Did you try to
pressurize the system with air, I still think you have an air leak.....  If
you really want to ck the stabilizer valve, I can loan one to you for