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Re: IA prices - EPROM 'comparison'

> Hmmmmmm......   The ethical question of the copy......  Ned will freely admit
> that he takes the best of the rest himself to make what he makes......  And
> he has looked/fixed/copied the best of:  Lehmann and abt and Hoppen and audi
> racing boxes to get "his"......  

Have to agree with you here, Scott.  Ned has asked me several times for my
copy of the Abt code.  My anwser to him has always been "sure, if you give
me a copy of your code" - seemed fair to me, but the best offer I ever got
out of him was an IA sticker!.  As a matter of fact, when he visited me
here a few months ago, he actually opened up the trunk of his car and
showed me a whole box of chips which he had copied, claiming he'd taken
the best of all of them to come up with his mods.  So while I'm not as big
a Ned Ritchie fan as most of you seem to be, I'm not out to get him
either... I just want to get to the bottom of "The Percieved Godhood" of
Ned Ritchie and prove/disprove once and for all if he's really modifying 
EPROMS.  I have no plans of re-selling his code.

> I also understand
> (yo dan) that it is not necessary to actually change the MAP, but change
> location based on what the computer thinks you have, and in my (claim
> ignorance here) opinion, what he is doing is changing what the inputs are to
> the map....  This would still maintain the stock eprom and the rev, boost,
> fuel, and temp cutoff protection.....

Huh?  Isn't that the same thing as dividing down the boost signal?

                                                         Dan Bocek