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Jean Glauber - EDS (51) update

>>The most advanced of all is the following:
>>4. Beer economy (I'll buy the beer if you fix my 5000TQ)
>Following this line of reasoning and some basic economics
>the "good money" usually gets horded and the "bad money"
>stays in circulation, which means someday it will take 68
>cases of Ole Swillwaukee to get your oil changed.
>That doesn't help.  We need to go to a beer standard.
>jim h :-)

  Ah, but the beer economy has it's own mechanism built in to ensure that
  the "money" keeps circulating. Fond as I am of Theakston's Old Peculiar
  (to take one example from many) I don't think I'd want to go near a barrel
  of the stuff that I'd kept hoarded for a couple of years. (The words
  "Very Old" and "Very Peculiar" spring to mind...)


  P.S. One might also point out that the chances of the beer remaining 
  unconsumed for any lenght of time are pretty low...

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