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A/C controls fixed

Hi Y'all,

It looks like I'm due for another siege from the great Audi gods.  I
subverted their usual worship routine today.  :-)  My climate control system
in my '89 200TQ is working again.  Several of the buttons were having no
effect.  I couldn't change the temperature setting from where it was locked
at 74 degrees F.  I couldn't select the outside air temperature display.  I
could not select windshield exit or bi-level exit.  I could only turn it on
auto or off.  Lotsa fun.

Following the sage advice of several listers, I finally figured out how to
get the bloomin' faceplate off the unit.  It's rather disturbing to simply
start prying at things without knowing how it's constructed.  Once the
faceplate is off, the rest proved easy.  I unscrewed the two screws holding
the electronic unit in the dash and slid it out and disconnected the heavy
duty connector in the back of the unit.  Cleaning these connections and
reattaching everything did not help.  I then removed it again and opened it
up using - get this - a 1/4 *inch* socket wrench.  (Humph - Delco
electronics.)  There is another connector which joins the display/switch
unit to the rest of the unit via a ribbon cable.  This connector has about
20 or 21 pins.  I slid it apart and back together again a couple of times
and reassembled everything.  

Voila!  I have just prevented my fiendly (sic) Audi service rep from
removing the old unit and inserting a new one.  $300 please.  (After a three
day wait for parts.)  :-) :-) great BIG :-)

Is the great Audi god gonna git me?

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