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Re: Audi S4 questions

> I have a '92 S4 that I have owned for a little over a year.  I initially
> didn't like the ride, it was too stiff.  You shouldn't have the same problem
> because the '92 had the non-americanized suspension.  '93's have smaller
> front anti-roll bars, no rear anti-roll bar, reduced spring and shock rates,
         My car in Thailand has rear anti-roll bar and stiff ride,so mine
is Americanized suspension,right ? 
> suspension mods I would recommend Eibach springs with Bilstein shocks or the
> ABT sport suspension.  Eibach's will lower your car about an 1.5 inches and
> the ABT suspension will lower your car about 2.5 inches.  I was dragging
> occasionally with the ABT suspension and now have settled with the
> variable-rate Eibach springs.
          My experience with Eibach & ABT sus. is opposite with you,
I install ABT sport sus. into my VW Eurovan (ABT uses SACH shockabsorbers)
,the ride is very very stiff,now I use stock springs + SACHs.
	  For S4 I installed Eibach + Koni Sport (yellow) ,the car looks great
,but very stiff ride too,even adjust 1/2 turn at the shockabsorbers,another
problem (for Thailand only) is with lower height,the lowest the ground 
clearance is about 3 inches,the underbody hit the road many times.
> I haven't done any performance mods myself.  However, I have driven a '93 S4
> with the German RS2 modifications; very fast.  The RS2 modifications
> consists of a new computer ( actually a chip change), a new high flow
> exhaust manifold and a new larger turbo.  This modification delivers
> approximately 310 HP and cost around $3000.  A good value, I think.  
> You can get the actual RS2 parts from Jo Hoppen, Audi Sport USA 813-924-6380
> or a non-factory S4 sport kit from Ned Ritchie at IA.
          What does "German RS2" means ? It is from German company ?
it should has new camshaft + big IC as the real RS2 to complete RS2 setup.
	Could you please tell me more details about Audi Sport USA,and
S4 sport kit from Ned ,I'm really want my car >300 hp.