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Re: 200T running bad.

Hairy green toads from Mars made Rich Andrews say:

> 	Here is one that I have not come across before.  My 200t runs like
> doo-doo.  Here are the symptoms.
> 1) Idle unstable at times.
> 2) Power output is low.
> 3) When the car is hot, and the throttle is 1/2 open of more, gobs of black
>    smoke comes out the tailpipe and power is non-existent.
> 4) Turbo pressure seems to be ok....at least the dash gauge tell me that
>    it is.
> 5) I have checked for leaks in the turbo piping and can see nothing.

My first guess would be a shot O2 sensor. The black smoke is
an indication of running way too rich.


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