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A/C Programmer Revisited.

Well, following the discussion introduced by Mitch, I decided to open 
up my A/C Programmer to look for solder joint problems.

This is in an 86 5KTQ:

Discoveries:  There are no Delco chips in there.  Everything is 
Hitachi.  All the big IC's are Hitachi, and Hitachi is screened on the 
wafer.  I'm no electronics expert, but I didn't see 4 vacuum 
solenoids.  Just one big one.  There were no solder joint problems.  
The programmer is encased in a metal canister, which I took apart.  
There are two different wafer boards connected by ribbon cable.  (I 
didn't see any cardboard as was mentioned previously.)

I unhooked the vacuum hose from the unit, and as any crafty guy would 
do, proceeded to blow in it, and then suck on it.  The air flowed 
quite freely.  Is this normal?  When sucking the air in, it had the 
distinct smell of gasoline or stong smelling petrolium products?  

Does anyone have the Bently to know where this thing goes?  My Haynes 
doesn't say a word about ANYTHING useful!  (Other than how to take 
off the hood...  Oh joy!)

So how to fix my problem?  I have to turn the fan on "Low" to get A/C 
out of the vents.  __ANY__ suggestions?  I'm getting hot in the face, 
and cold feet!


- Mike White 

[Mail: mike.white@law.utah.edu   -   mwhite@eng.utah.edu]