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Re: quattro+rain

Andrew Duane (& sure-footed cat) writes:

>I have a good set of all-seasons (Comp T/A), and I've done triple
>digits in the rain with no problem at all. OK, not triple digits,
>but 80-90+ for long periods.

The beauty of our q-cars--until we do something sudden to upset their
dynamics (as Glen described for us!).  My experience is similar to Andrew's
(haven't done the Glen thing, yet).  At least I didn't _feel_ out of control;
you definitely feel _something_ when you hit those big standing water
stretches--probably hydroplaning, just didn't feel like it would in a 2wd
(esp rwd) car. This experience holds for both P6 (suprise!  maybe just lucky
to have no violent maneuvers on boring I-5) and XGT-H4 and V4 tires on my
q-cars over the years.  or maybe it't that i really wasn't driving fast
enough ;)

>The Comp T/A's are also good in the snow. Are the aquatreds?

I suspect there's a difference in purpose between these tires--all season
Comp T/A's (M+S rated?) vs. rain tires (probably also M+S rated, but not its
designed purpose).  Tires+rain behave differently from tires+snow--I believe
you want to get the water OUT from under tires, hence the large grooves in
the Aquatred or Aquacontact (and even my XGT H4s), while you want the snow to
STICK to the tire, as snow to snow tends to grip better than cold, slippery
rubber to snow (look at a Blizzak).  

>But, I notice that Continental puts out the CZ99 (?), a Z-rated
>all-season aquatred design. They are pretty much racing slicks
>with a groove routed down the middle. Hmmmmmmm.

Continental Aquacontacts--pricey pricey pricey.  There's a short article
about them in the most recent ec or r&t (don't recall which).  fyi, Ned used
them in Portland in '94.  

another biased 2 pennies.

the condo complex won't let me have a cat :(