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A/C programmer fix

     A few people contacted me to ask how I fixed my programmer. I am 
     embarrased to relate this low-tech story.
     Tried the solder/parallel wire fix posted earlier with no results; 
     still had air coming out the defrost vents. So, took out programmer 
     once again. Took my batt charger, and applied power to the solenoids 
     directly. Pos pin on left (looking at component side of board) and neg 
     on right. Momentary contact, heard solenoid click, another as it 
     released. Problem was, only 2 of the 4 solenoids on the board were 
     clicking. In row of 3, center click was anemic and right side unit 
     didn't click at all. Couple dozen tries later, both were clicking 
     well. Before I put unit back in, manually moved the flaps/levers on 
     the vacuum servo used to move defrost/dash vent flap. It didn't appear 
     to be stuck. BTW, vacuum solenoids would only work in an upright 
     position. No clicks when lying down, as on a bench.  :)
     So, possible stuck or sticking solenoids? No oil in hoses...I pulled 
     them all to check. Lower voltage from A/C head not sufficient to 
     overcome reluctant solenoid? It was late and I didn't check. Car had 
     sat unused for over a year...
     I'm reluctant to say for sure if the system is cured; I only tried it 
     for a short time in my garage, and will be taking the car out for a 
     longer drive this weekend.
     One other note...
     I shook the board (gently) before I re-installed it, and could hear 
     the solenoid's inner parts sliding up and down inside the housings. 
     Nothing blew up, so I guess I got off lucky...
     Jerry Fields
     '87 5K CST, now cool enough to ride in back...