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Re-Volting the 5K's

Just to beat the subject to death some more. The A/C control readout at
Channel# 11 gives the battery voltage. I've noticed that the readout drops
to 13V and little lower when running with A/C on. Some members have wisely
pointed me to the fact the readout measures only what the controller sees.
Not actual voltage at battery or alternator.

I have one thing to add. Doesn't the A/C circuit on also trigger the
Hurricane force fan speed? Don't that fan motor draw about couple million
KWatts of power. Wouldn't that tax my meager 90Amp alternator? (87 5Ks).

I've noticed recently that I can tell if the fan is on without A/C engaged
by watching the fluctuating volt readout. 13.7 without fan on. 13.3 with
fan on low. Must be the warm weather we had here in the NE. At least it's
cool now.
Till the next heatwave.

Returning you all back to regular programming.

Ernest Wong