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Re: Modified engine life (Was: IA prices)

On Fri, 14 Jul 1995, Benjawan Kuecharoenwong wrote:

> > shape (read dry-rotted or cracked.)  Ned recommends the use of a blow-by valve,
> > which is tapped in to the down-pipe to the turbo.  I spoke with others on this
>          Is the blow-by valve same as what HKS call super blow off valve ?
> my friend told me that super blow off valve is necessary for very high boost
> turbo car . 
> 	 Why not AUDI install that useful gadget in every turbo models?
> Do we really need it ?
> 				Thnaks

I put one in last week in my 84 TQC... I picked it up form a Saab dealer
for $40.00.  7/8 fitting and its made by Bosch.  I think the Saab guys
call it a 'hooter valve'.  I don't know how well it works because I'm
having a problem with the car not pulling strong after about 4200 RPMs.
It's almost like it has a slight misfire or fuel supply problem.  I have 1.4
bar boost and have checked all of the pressure side for a good seal.
I'm open to some thoughts on what else I should check.  Also note that 
this is an Euro spec car so I have some odd type 'emission control' devices.

84 Euro TCQ
86 4000CS