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Cold starting problems HELP!

     Just purchased a used 4000s 1.8l and am pretty happy with it.
     I'd like to thank those people who responded to my questions a while 
     back when I was in the buying stage and unfortunately in sunny 
     Colorado I've never seen a 4000s /cs quattro or anything for under 
     $3500 so I think I got a fair deal ($2000) even though it's got high 
     mileage Anyway enough waffle here's the problem:
     When I start her up in the morning she acts like a car with a 
     carburetor, splutters and when I put my foot on the gas it stalls.
     After a min. or two it's fine.
     Also it idles at 1100
     I've checked the following:(using Bentley Manual) 
     1) Thermo time switch, when I unplug the connector on the cold start   
        valve it's much worse when starting so I assume it,s working.
     2) Temperature sensor resistance OK. 
     3) Fuel pump current 8.4 amps when engine at idle, I checked at the    
        fuse box.
     Here's a clue I think, when I bought the car it started perfectly and
     idled lower 950rpm but I did notice that the idle stabilization valve 
     buzzed(hummed) when the ignition was switched on engine not running. 
     Now it doesn't buzz at all and when I unplug the  3 pin connector the 
     car idle doesn't change.
     Idle stabilization valve you may say but I'm not willing to fork out 
     $150 for a new one so how do I check it with a multimeter if I get one 
     from a scrap yard ?
     Thanks for all the good stuff
     Richard Gann