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A few 4KCSQ questions

Hello everyone,

I just recently purchased a 4KCSQ and I have a couple of questions:

1) I need a new condenser (and probably drier) for the A/C system. Where 
can I get one of these cheap? Does anyone second source these? Are there 
any suitable substitutes?

2) I need rear door handles (suprise). I've had no luck at junk yards and 
I want to avoid dealer prices.

3) How much should it cost to get the three bushings replaced on the rear 
differential? (Hours + parts)

4) What exactly does the oxygen sensor do? What are the ramifications of 
not replacing it promptly? The Bentley manual outlines a procedure for 
testing it but doesn't explain the connections needed to make the adaptor 
used for taking the current measurements.

5) What is the proper way to aim the headlights? (a real newbie question)

I hope this isn't too many questions. Thanks in advance for your answers.
-- Peter
-- ptengstr@acs.bu.edu