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Quattro... (Gesundheit)

Greetings fellow Qheads,

Other than the word "Quattro" in this sentence and in the "subject" field, and 
the last word of this message, there's precious little list-relevance here.  Xin

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart's back from a hectic week in Tampa, and is pleased 
(blatant prevarication) to advise you all and sundry that he has 
incontrovertible proof the Mr. Murphy is alive and well.  (the sound of teeth 

I was able to get my email (200+ messages a day) from the hotel, but saved the 
responses I had prepared, to send in a batch upon my return.  

Alas, Mr. Murphy must've decided that 'twould be too great a strain on the net, 
so he kindly stepped in to cause my powerbook to drain it's batteries and dump 
the responses  (heavy sigh...)

So, to all, my appologies if I owe you a reply (which my computer ate) (Don't 
have a dog, sorry...)

BTW, (the sound of Ricky Nelson singing his theme song, <"Yea, I'm a travellin' 
man...>) Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart will be in San Francisco Monday and Tuesday 
nights, and in Seattle, Wed and Thur nights.  

I won't know where I'll be staying, but when I go into the office Monday to pick
up my tickets, I'll find out and send you all the details (C'mon, admit it, 
you've got *way* too much bandwidth, so I'm just doin' you a favor to burn up a 
bit of the excess...)

Mayhap someone might want to wander by and let me buy them a beer...?


(yer Kindly ol' Unka) Bart

Frau Dora, 
(fond memory of a couple of little feline varmints in my heart)
'86 Indischrot Carrera Cabriolet, 
'87 Alpenweis Syncro.
Custodian, Porschephiles Phund