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Re: TQC turbo intake hose


After tracking down a small air leak in the factory turbo intake hose (the
one that goes from the plenum to the turbo with the small brown thread around
it).  I replaced it (temporarily) with a Nissan 200zx turbo intake hose. This
is a perfect fit, with only minor shortening required, but not factory...

I don't want to toss the original hose, its only got a small pinhole leak
where it rubbed against the light plug...

So, wash the orig. ($160 new) intake tube in dawn, dry it out well, grab some
wetsuit rubber glue and go to town....works great!  Makes it like a new
vulcanized tube...  (I just did the whole thing)

Thompson Smith
Art Director/QCUSA
1983 Urquattro #568
1986 5000CStq