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Re: Quattro... (Gesundheit)

Details, details, details...

>   Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart will be in San Francisco Monday and 
> Tuesday nights, and in Seattle, Wed and Thur nights.  

SFO Mon & Tues @ Holiday Inn, 50 8th Street, (415) 626-6103
SEA Wed & Thur @ Pacific Plaza, 400 Spring St ((206) 623-3900

 > Mayhap someone might want to wander by and let me buy them a beer...?


(yer Kindly ol' Unka) Bart

Frau Dora, 
(fond memory of a couple of little feline varmints in my heart)
'86 Indischrot Carrera Cabriolet, 
'87 Alpenweis Syncro.
Custodian, Porschephiles Phund