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RE: future of 20V. five

> Define better... I most certainly would not call the ALFALFA ROMERO
>a better engine.  Who cares if it has more horsies, Alfa's aren't
>the most mechanically reliable things on the planet.  

Not wanting to start a rathole here, but, ironicaly,  over the weekend I was 
thinking what a great car my 20V cq would be with the V-6 from my Milano 3.0 
in it.

The engine is the one thing that has been almost trouble free on my Milano
in 140,000 very hard miles. It's needed two water pumps and routine belt
changes. Even the a/c has never been touched. 210 hp with two valves per
cylinder is something Audi should aspire to with the wheezer v-6 they have 
now. Too, the parts cost about 1/3 that of Audi parts. NOW, if only the 
Alfa was fully galvanized, had a drive shaft that dinna shake, and a 
tranny that dinna rattle like coconut full of ball bearings.......


90 CQ pearl/black
87 Milano 3.0 Red/black
73 Volvo 1800 ES Blue/Blue