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Re: Accelerator Dropped to floor

> My accel. cable decided to come loose at the exit of turn 7 at Blackhawk 
> farms this weekend, twice.  Eric (STEADIRIC) had the pleasure of the 
> experience once, I had it the second time.  It then decided to leave on 
> turn 3, again.

Uh-oh ... sounds like it wasn't a good weekend.

> remove the little hinge piece that attaches the cable to the pedal.  
> Don't laugh, I then duct-taped (it's good to 100mph, I'm told) and then 
> used a zip tie(wire tie) to wrap the whole mess together.  It survived 
> the rest of the track use/abuse, and then made the 500 mile trip home 
> without incidence.  German engineers have this knack for putting in extra 
> parts that aren't needed, A/C, throttle pedal pieces, etc.

British engineers have a knack for putting in parts that don't live too long
... in college, I was cruising with a friend in his new '77 Triumph TR-7 and
the throttle cable broke about 35 miles from school.  It was late, we had no
tools with us and there wasn't anyone around for miles (this was in the corn
fields of rural Indiana) so we ended up using a pair of shoelaces to operate
the throttle from the passenger seat by hand!

FWIW, I now pack a universal bicyle shifter cable as part of the tools/spare
parts stash in my trunk (to which I recently added a spare caliper bolt so I
won't be stuck driving 270 miles without using the brakes again!).

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