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Re: Trim levels

>      Can anyone list the differences between these model designations:
>      5000 S
>      5000 CS
>      5000 CS Turbo

Here are the few differences that I've noticed as I have begun to pay 
more attention to mid/late 80's 5K's.

5000 S: Basic level.  Black liscense plate filler.  14" wheels.
5000 CS: Usually has leather, power-stuff.  Red/Yellow License plate 

5000 CST, CSTQ.  15" Turbo wheels.  Different headlights 
(rectangular, not the larger wedge shape).  Decent power <g>.  
Different hood (two indented channels as apposed to raised bump in 
middle.)  The Q has the better rear suspension (as you can always 
tell if an Audi is a Q by looking at the axle from the rear.)

- Mike White 

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