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Re: Trim levels

On Jul 25,  9:43am, Mike White wrote:
> Subject: Re: Trim levels
> >      Can anyone list the differences between these model designations:
> >
> >      5000 S
> >      5000 CS
> >      5000 CS Turbo
> Here are the few differences that I've noticed as I have begun to pay
> more attention to mid/late 80's 5K's.
> 5000 S: Basic level.  Black liscense plate filler.  14" wheels.
> 5000 CS: Usually has leather, power-stuff.  Red/Yellow License plate
> filler.

	My own observations:

	For '84 and later 5K's, (S/CS), the red/yellow "filler" appears
	on all turbos, and the black filler on the non-turbos.

	'87(?) and later have the big "aerodynamic" headlights, and
	earlier ones the twin sealed-beam jobs.

	The turbos often (always?) come with leather and power everything
	(by this time, probably power *nothing* :-()

	'86 and later have the RHMSL (Rear High Mounted Stop Light).

	Turbos have 15" wheels, and non-turbos 14" ones .. probably
	not true for later model years.


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