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Re:Still looking at 200s...

>    As I was about to take a final look at the two 200Q's I was discussing 
>earlier, they were both sold. (damn.) In the Denver paper, there is an
>'89 200TQ from a leasing company. It has ~100-110k miles on it. They are 
>asking $9,500. This seems like a pretty good deal, but I am wary of a car 
>with this many miles on it. I have heard from fellow listmembers that these 
>cars will last a long time, but still... I was wondering if this is a good 
>buy, and I am wondering what kind of maintenance I can expect to perform on a 
>car with this many miles.
went thru a similar dilemma about 3-4 month's ago..... only this was 89 100
wagon.  Had 93k miles heated seats and the computer, all the service 
records.  asking $8,500.-, guy wouldn't budge..... ended up paying 
$8,500.- oooohhhhh I hate that!  but another $500.- later for new
Boge Turbo Gas all the way around and it looks and runs great.

so another 1k for a tq doesn't seem that extreme unless it's in nasty
shape.  Mine had a couple of scratches, 1 ding, and a small dent in the 
passenger side front door.  But if what 3 dealers consitently told me 
is true, there are only about 1500 1989 100 wagon automatics out there
for me to chose from, (I was told consitently that 1990 and 1991 wagons
were all 200tq's) so i got the best one i could find .......

All in all my wife is real happy with it :-)  which means I'm happy :-)


   I am assuming that it will need new tires + brakes, but am unsure what 
other high mileage things I will need to perform... O2 sensor? Water pump? 
All the belts ( if they haven't been done already )? What about more integral 
things, like the turbo and exhaust manifold - how can I tell if the turbio is 
shot? Will it simply not get to full boost? Should I just take it to a local 
Audi dealer, and have them do a serious check?

Thanks for any input/advice/whatever