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Fuse #12 solved & high-end cars

Just thought I would let everyone know how things turned out with my fuse 
problem. I couldn't find the short, so I called the repair shop and took 
the car in today. The cause of the short was the wires that connect to 
the backup-light switch. (The problem was at the connection of the two (He 
also said the switch was bad)) The switch is on order, and when I get 
some more money, I'll have them fix it. (Books shows 1.5 hrs for the job, 
so w/ part it will be about $90)

  To find the problem, it took them about 3 hrs, but only charged me for 
2! :) I wasn't sure if I should take it to them (so far, they've done any 
work on the car that I couldn't handle) or to the dealer. When I called 
the shop, he said "Normally we won't work on the electrical system on 
Audi', but for you, we'll do it." I wasn't sure what to think, and I was 
worried that they might not be able to find it, or take forever in doing 
so. Anyway, I'm happy they found it and only charged me for 2hr labor.

  Secondly, I would like to thank everyone for their experiences with 
renting cars over in Germany, and where I should drive! I *really* hope 
this trip works out... it should be a blast! I'm not sure what we will 
rent, and since there will be 4 of us, a Porsche might be out of the 
question. If anyone else has any experiences or suggestions on where to 
go while there, please let me know.


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