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Personal mail & missing addresses...

At 8:04 PM 7/27/95, "QUEK::MOY"@us.oracle.com (Michael Moy (send mail to
mmoy@us.or wrote:
>>1.  When replying to someone, consider whether you should reply directly to
>>that person or the group as a whole.
>It's often difficult to send personal mail as many don't provide their address.

That's because Microsoft Mail strips off headers (gotta love Microsoft).
The addresses are there, but you just don't see them.  (I assume you are
using MsMail or some other brain-dead, proprietary, non SMTP compliant mail
package which strips out headers as a "feature"...)

Dan Simoes:  Is there a "double header" mode in majordomo?  This may help
out MsMail or other header-less users.


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