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Re: Gas Smell

  No, that's not normal. You could just have a small fuel leak
  under the hood or in the fuel lines. You might also have a
  slight leak in the gasket that seals the intake manifold to
  the head that may allow mixture to leak out when under boost.
  This does not seem likely, but would explain why you get
  the smell under boost, and you are downstream from the
  leak when moving. Perhaps the higher boost you are
  running with the mod and new turbo opened up a small
  leak that was no problem at lower boost levels.....?

  Is boost slow to build? Hear any hissing sounds under boost?
  Lower that normal boost pressure level? Try listening for
  a leak at the head/manifold interface at idle with a stethescope
  (piece of windscreen washer tubing stuck in yer ear).
  Double-check the injector seals for cracks/dryness/seating.