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Re: Proposal for Improving our Active Club

I'm all for leaving the list just as it is.  I've been on since March 
and I've learned alot by just 'listening', taking these discussions 
private just provides a dating service for hooking people up!

Besides, everyone is nice and agreeable and friendly here; I'd really 
love to start policing everyone, sending angry messages to people I've 
never met.  Sure, that's alot easier than than deleting the stupid 

You wrote: 
>I've been on the mailing list for several months now and find this 
club to 
>be fun and worthwhile.  It's incredible how active it is which is good 
>you get a lot of feedback and bad because lots of the info doesn't 
>pertain to you.  Lately, I've been getting 75-125 messages a day which 
>becoming unmanageable!  I'm sure that others are having the same 
>I'd like to propose the following to facilitate the enjoyment and 
>of the club.
>1.  When replying to someone, consider whether you should reply 
directly to 
>that person or the group as a whole.
>2.  If you find someone has sent a reply to the group instead of 
directly to 
>the originator which adds no value to you and/or is idle chatter, send 
>email directly to that person informing them of your lack of interest 
>their content.
>By using our judgement in the above, our club will grow both in the 
>of subscribers and in utility.
>Please let me know whether how you all feel about this.  If most of 
>concur, maybe these suggestions could be emailed to every new member 
>they sign up.