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Re: Trim levels / C, CS

>      Can anyone list the differences between these model designations:
>      5000 S
>      5000 CS
>      5000 CS Turbo

    The Turbo and Turbo Quattro are the European 200 series, all
    the rest are European 100 series.  There are quite a few differences
    between the 100/200, which include:

    100						200

    4 bolt 14" wheels			5 bolt 15" x 6" wheels
    dashboard is altogether different, as are heating/cooling controls.
    200's usually have a lot more trim/interior features, like leather,
    memory seats, heated seats, enhanced tripcomputer, etc.
    200's usually have ABS, don't know about 100's in the 80's.
    200's have 4 wheel disk brakes, don't know about rear on 100's.

    And, the 200's have rectangular headlights, the 100's inside
    corners are slanted.  These lights were used from the
    beginning of the '86 year forward.

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