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Re: sparkplugs 4-turbos

Your S4 is specd to use the Bosch Platins (not platinums, these babies have
the whole electrode platinum), and they are expensive, even mail order in the
states it's hard to beat the $10 mark for them.....  I had a Boxch tech
explain to me spark plugs once, and given the coil setup on the audis, the
big no goes to splitfires, bosch brand, Ngk's or Splitfires themselves, the
S4 comes with the best plug currently available, but you do pay.......  It's
also a 30k mile part, so the expense doesn't hurt so bad .......  About the
only improvement you can do is maybe switch from the hot 7 series (I believe
that is the  stock plug on your car) to the cooler 5 series plug......

87 5ktqRS2
87 5ktq stock