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Re: Still looking at 200s...

Well, it seems many people are shopping for new wheels here so I
thought I'd give it a try also.

I went down to the dealer today to see what they had. The only
interesting car was a loaded '89 V8. It had ~110kkm on the clock and
they asked 220ksek (~US$30k). Mind you that these were around 450ksek
(~US$60k) new.

The dealer wanted 90ksek + my loaded '90 100 tq with ~91kkm. This
is a bit stiff comparing the figures floating on this list with prices
around US$10-15k being mentioned. My wife also looked as she was going
to do brain surgery on me for talking about handing up a load of money
for an older car with more km:s.

As I have imported a used car once before, I believe I could do it
again. The previous one was a Chevy G20 van I imported from Florida
and importing a german car would be much simpler.

So, what have you guys that are for sale? V8:s, 200 tq avants, newer
100/200/A6 quattro avants. EC countries prefered as it is much simpler
importing from a fellow EC country. US car at a very good price is
also an option.

I will probably sell the '90 100 tq myself here as I figure I can get
the most for it here.



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