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Re: 20V bs again

Nick Craft writes:

>I suggest going out & buying the book by Charles Probst on
Bosch FI systems. I've found it invaluable for chasing
down annoying problems like this.

Here's one SWAG: Bad ground to FI computer box - in 5000's
this was grounded by a long wire to the engine, which
broke once on my car causing no end of strange problems.>

Ditto from me.  My '82 Coupe once went through a phase when it
was new where it would start fine and then be undrivable two
blocks down the road.  A ground wire connected to a stud on the
intake manifold (of all places) had pulled out of it's crimp.
Splicing on another inch and a half of wire and reconnecting it
solved the problem.

The electrical diagrams in the Bentley manual generally have a
footnote that sort of tells you where all of the chassis ground
points are.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe.