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Motor dropping ......

Well Ernest, I must say it was a greeat experience getting to meet Unka 
Bart and Linus Toy that night, not to mention all of my p-car driving 
cousins (he's their unka too you know :).  Jim Pasha definitely knows a 
lot about Porsche motors, and it was interesting to hear his thoughts.

Jim was talking about dropping said engine into a urQ.  I would imagine 
that if it were possible to do that, then a 4k or 5k would be well within 
the realm of possibilities.  Jim was saying that the Porsche 4 was longer 
than a 4-cyl Audi plant though, but as far as I know all Q's sold in the 
US has 5 bangers.  

I must also point out that Jim thinks that all of us that are cranking up 
the boost knobs to make over 300 HP are asking for trouble ... perhaps 
Audi has vorsprung'ed over the mighty Porsche in this department.   

Just kidding ... really,  no, NOOOOOO keep that thing away from me.  It's
getting really hot in here!

Steve Buchholz