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Re: 200T - Drop the Tranny

Sorry to hear your trans let go, Al! It's almost always cheaper to go used
with transmissions, IMHO. Call around for some prices, if your trans is
particularly valuable, they'll prolly ask for the old one back as a core. A
used trans from a yard will come with a matching torque converter, if not,
send it back. Don't reuse yours without having it flushed, it may be
contaminated with particles from whatever seal/band dissolved in there. My
observations are based on doing the A/T in an early 5000T, so amend them as

I'd call it a little more than a one day job at home. I'm assuming you've got
a good stock of tools and perhaps an air compressor? Take a read through your
new Bentley and see if your app requires any special tools. Mine only needed
a triple square for the inner axle bolts. The trans is a bit larger that a
b-ball and will come down with the torque converter mated to it. It's a bit
of a heavy package. I got by without the engine tilting support, but really
missed it for convienence. I used a floor jack under the motor to get the
desired tail down look to mate up the trans. Two people are useful for this
op. Two by fours can be used to make a support, just be sure they rest inside
the fenders by the shock towers, not *on* the fenders themselves. In my app,
the turbo never came into play. My best advice? Read the book twice and if
you still feel up to it, go for it! I'm sure others can offer hints for your
particular car.....

-Chris Semple