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Re: Motor dropping ......

On Aug 2,  1:10pm, Barton P. Chambers wrote:

> Unlike the 924, which is *Audi*
> engine/tranny, designed and built in Nekarsulm (*Audi*), the 944
> is all Porsche.  The later 924S is a 944 without the fender flares (cheaper
> better Cd, so faster too).

This conversation is beginning to pique my curiosity.  A friend of mine has
beentrying to unload his '77 924 on me for the better part of four years.  The
thing has a warped head, and he has no interest in fixing it.  The car is in
pretty much perfect condition, 'cept it don't run...  Can I deam from this
discussion that the motor in his 924 is the same motor as is in the 4000's?
 How about my sisters '90 80?  And the VW Golf's, for that matter?  I have
plenty of access to any of the above motors and parts...  Enquiring minds want
to know!

87 5000CS TQ
84 5000S (2,000 miles away and a mile high)