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Sources for 944 motor info

Greetings fellow Q-heads,

For those interested in more info, like the member who asked for a source of 
info concerning a busted 924 head, here's a couple more folks from P-philes
who specialize in the both information and parts for waterpumpers:

Kevin Gross, kgross@centra.net (mostly just a source for information)


George Beuselinck, georgeb@mhv.net, Hudson Valley Region PCA
944 Ecology, Purveyors of Somewhat Experienced Porsche 944 Bits
172 Hardenburgh Road, Ulster Park, NY  12487
Orders: 800-ALL-P944  Info/Advice/Opinions: 914-658-9593

83 944 (Daily Driver/Track Car)
86 Audi 5000 Wagon (Hauler), 80 GMC Pickup (Tow Car)
88 944 TurboS, 85/2 944, 86 944 Auto, 87 924S, 84 944 (Parts Donors)

Please feel free to tell 'em that Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart sic'd you on 'em.


(yer Kindly ol' Unka) Bart

Frau Dora, 
(fond memory of a couple of little feline varmints in my heart)
'86 Indischrot Carrera Cabriolet, 
'87 Alpenweis Syncro.
Custodian, Porschephiles Phund