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Re: Motor dropping ......

          Okay, Okay,
          My Wife is REALLY starting to hate you guys..........
          First, I spend the better part of a year rebuilding the motor of 
          my Coupe GT.  Many hours of the orally negative vernacular.
          THEN you turbo-quattro guys sit there and discuss IA mods and I 
          get the oppurtunity to experience two such cars (Mike Spiers and 
          Tom Forhan's, but not driving).  I want one.
          And NOW Bart mentions dropping a Porsche 951 it a QTC.  Damn.  I 
          had always wondered about this mod, but am not familiar with the 
          Porsche motor.  And having read a number Jim Pasha's posts on 
          Porschephiles, and his familiarity with the cars.........Damn.
          I want to do it.
          Nevermind that I still have two other cars to complete.  
          Nevermind that my folk's house is running out of room for storage 
          (my townhouse at least has a garage, but only a single car...).  
          Nevermind that my budget doesn't meet my expectations.
          Hey, I don't mind living on Mac & Cheese.  And, I did tell my 
          wife that the ideal home was a multi-car garage with a small 
          apartment on top (she didn't fall for that one, but at least I 
          got one garage).
          Oh well.
          If anyone has a Porsche 951 motor, let me know!
          85 Coupe GT
          85 5ks
          68 Triumph Spit in Bits
          57 Porsche 356A in Boxes
          Oh yeah, and the wife's car.