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Adjustable height quattro

   It sounds kinda wierd, but... I would like to take my 100Q ( or hopefully 
a 200q soon ) and drop it an inch or two to lower the center of gravity, make 
it look better ( it looks so, so, perched.. ). However, I would also like to 
retain the benefit of having decent ground clearence. Could anyone reccommend 
some type of shocks/springs/coil overs/a combination that would allow me to 
keep my car low in the summer, and raise it up for the snow season here 
(Colorado). It would be better if it didn't take much time, so if I went 
camping on some rough dirt roads, I could jack it back up for the weekend, 
and drop it back down for the rest of the week. ( I know its not a 
truck...But still, it does have decent clearence for most stuff )

Alfred Hitchcock
   (oh wait i mean brooks)         bellis@ensr.com