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re: Odd Quattro Sighted.

The wife has an 87 5000SQ, it is lacking in acceleration but
she doesn't think so.  Big advantages to the non-turbo Q is
its simplicity and space in the engine bay.  Less heat too, steering
rack hasen't failed for example.  With 135K miles on ours, very
little has gone wrong.  Best car we've ever had.(next to the 911 that is)

Carl DeSousa

> From: "QUEK::MOY"@us.oracle.com (Michael Moy
> >section, and had the large non-turbo headlights.  It did have the 
> >quattro insignia in the grill.
> >
> >Did Audi produce many 5000 NON-CS Quattros?  Are they non-turbo?  
> >Sounds like it would be a dog!
> >
> >- Mike White 
> I have an 88 5000 Quattro - non CS such as the one you described. I've seen a
> few of them in the Southern NH area. There's someone else on the list that has
> one too. They are non-turbo.
> Performance is fine for me - I'm not very demanding. It has the close-ratio
> five-speed so that helps.
> Michael Moy
> mmoy@us.oracle.com