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5kCSTQ A/C Comperessor Noise

I just replaced the A/C compressor with a used one, the old one was
leaking.  The replacement compressor is real noisy when engaged
as you speed up the engine.  By 4000 RPM, it's making a loud
whirring noise - and the noise stops immediately when I push the
'econ' button on the dash.

Anybody got any ideas what's going on?  Is this compressor likely
to fail in short order anyway?  Is the problem possibly related to
the compressor being open to the air while on the shelf of the used
parts place?  

I'm sure I can get another 'good used' compressor where this one came
from - but I hate to spend the money on another installation and
system recharging.

A new compressor lists for $440, but I'm leery of getting another used
compressor.  I'd hate to spend another $160 for compressor installation 
and $120 for recharge including freon just to find I've got problems with 
yet another used compressor.

I'm inclined to run it the way it is for a few months if it'll last.

Anybody got any thoughts or suggestions?

Charlie Smith   charlie@elektro.cmhnet.org  614-471-1418  
Columbus, Ohio USA

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