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Re: Plus One Upgrades on '95 90SQ

>> I am considering dumping my "wonderful" Eagle GA's (195/65-15) for either a better 
>> tire on the stock wheels (205/60-15), or going to the plus one 205/55-16.
>I have 205/60 HR15's on my 1990 Audi 100. I think that the handling has 
>become quite hard as a result (IMHO). However, I am running Pirelli P6's
>which are of course not the most fantastic tires, so I'm not sure if that
>makes a difference.

In previous posts people have come to the conclusion PLUS one isn't worth
it.  PLUS two will make a big enough difference in handling to make the
added cost of new rims worth it.

My 89 100 came stock with Michelin mxv? 2 maybe.... size 205/60/vr15.
My car has a great ride.  It now has Pirelli P500 205/60/hr15.  (I know
Andrew Duanne you told me so, I'll try dunlop next time.... :-), car still
has a great ride considering the decent handling. This is with stock 
shocks at 94k miles.

My wife's 89 100 avant has Michelin mxv4 205/60/vr15 at 95k miles and
brand new Boge Turbo Gas shocks it easily outhandles my Sedan with 
much better turn in response and general grip, but it transmits every 
bump and ripple in the pavement to the car.

I'm seriously considering swapping the shocks from the Avant to the sedan.

Anyone know if the shocks in the back of the wagon are swappable with the
back of a sedan ?  I'm sorry I should say inserts.

Hope some of this babble helps :-)

Mike LaRosa
89 100 Sedan 93k
89 100 Avant 95k