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Re: Boge Source

Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Phillips say:

> > Some people thought they were a little too stiff, so Boge introduced the
> > Pro Gas, which are quite similar, but just a tad less harsh. I think they
> > are both excellent shocks, and you'd be happy with either.
> I respectfully disagree.  I thought that it was exactly the opposite.  
> Maybe you and the cat have gotten your whiskers crossed?
> ProGas=stiff
> TurboGas= not as stiff


I was pretty sure that I had the Turbo Gas, and the newer ones (Pro)
were made to be a little smoother. I guess I'm not sure now.
I do know that there isn't a *big* difference between them.

Of course, that last mail could have been the other cat trying to
forge a message to look like I said it.


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