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Re: 5kCSTQ A/C Compressor Noise

> I just replaced the A/C compressor with a used one, the old one was
> leaking.  The replacement compressor is real noisy when engaged
> as you speed up the engine.  By 4000 RPM, it's making a loud
> whirring noise - and the noise stops immediately when I push the
> 'econ' button on the dash.

> A new compressor lists for $440, but I'm leery of getting another used
> compressor.  I'd hate to spend another $160 for compressor installation 
> and $120 for recharge including freon just to find I've got problems with 
> yet another used compressor.
> I'm inclined to run it the way it is for a few months if it'll last.
> Anybody got any thoughts or suggestions?
> Charlie Smith   charlie@elektro.cmhnet.org  614-471-1418  
> Columbus, Ohio USA

Hi Charlie,

Try and find out where you can get the SAME compressor from an
AC repair speciaist. I was under the impression that Audi does not
make the compressor anyhow, and that it was a NIPPONDENSO unit.
The controller is GM, perhaps the GM compressor used in the large
GM ars, Caddy, Olds,.. might be a good replacement.

I will look up J.C. Whittney, ( sorry... )
 and see if they have a replacement compressor, should'nt be more
 than $200, I think.

 Alan Cordeiro