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Re: Runs crappy after sitting

Hairy green toads from Mars made Michael LaRosa say:

> >It idles fine, and runs OK, as long as I don't get into it too
> >far. If I open the throttle too far, or don't rev it from idle
> >before engaging 1st, it bucks violently (but doesn't stall).
> >
> >I assume that it needs a new cap/rotor; this is moisture getting in.
> >Does this sound reasonable?

> Yes, Sounds very reasonable and cheap to try :-)  Have you ever replaced
> the spark plug wires ?  Check it out at night when it's wet, you may see
> some arcing.......

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the plugs (Bosch Tri-electrode) and
wires (Rapid Parts Blue Igniters) are aboutr 1 year old and look fine.
I guess I'll call Norther Foreign Auto Parts for a price check on a
new cap and rotor.


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