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CD players

I finally got a word back from Audi regarding CD player availability.
This applies (I assume) to any Audi with the Bose sound system,

Unfortunately the best they could do was offer to either reimburse
me for an after market unit or reimburse me for the option.
That's certainly nice from a customer treatment standpoint
but having had so many after market stereos ripped off over the
years, I'd like to stay with the factory unit.

The ideal solution:
	Audi sells me or points me to an interface box that allows
	connecting the Bose head unit to an aftermarket changer.
	Unfortunately that interface box (and the Audi changer)
	is no longer available.

A possible solution
	In an earlier posting someone mentioned Audiolink power
	driver.  I think that means you can replace the Bose
	head unit with an aftermarket cd-ready head unit.
	It allows using the powered Bose speakers with the
	aftermarket head unit (the benefit being that you preserve
	the speakers, but you have to buy a $200 box).

The worst solution
	You replace the head unit and all the powered speakers.
	Actually from an audiophile standpoint, this isn't an
	awful solution.  I don't think the sound quality from
	the Bose system is anything great. My concern is that
	if I add an aftermarket unit, then I risk getting 
	the radio stolen again.  I have a removable face plate
	radio in my other car, and it always seems that the
	faceplate is somewhere other than in the car.