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rfi: 200q shocks

While the topic of shocks is being discussed:

my '91 200q seems to be in need of shocks (a bit suprising, given only 33k
miles)--the ride has become a bit uncontrolled lately, especially in the
rear.  then again, maybe its because we now live in a neighborhood w/ some
intense twisties, or maybe its because i've been using a bit more right-foot

sooo...is there any collective (or individual) wisdom on what works, what
doesn't?  my research with 2 vendors so far indicates one thing in common:
 shocks for this car are hard to come by.  RD mentioned Koni low-pressure
gas, 1 month wait.  Sport Wheels said Bilsteins, but they need to be modified
to fit (originally from Euro 200 2wd) and they're pricey.  Stock is Boge
(which ones?)

What experiences have people had with Boge, Koni and Bilstein shocks in the
C3 body quattro, particularly w/ turbo motors?  ride, handling, durability,
etc.  I don't plan to lower the car, but I'm looking for 16" wheel/tires
(anyone out there have S4 takeoffs?)  Please respond direct and I'll
summarize in a future post.  

Linus Toy