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Radiator, Etc.

Gene LeDuc politely inquired... 

> Also I have a Audi 5000s with 90,000mi  I'm new to the world of Audi's but 
> the one I have has a lot of bells and whistles.  I have already had to 
> repair the radiator, it leaked around the hose and overflow fitting located 
> near the top of the radiator.  The dealer repaired it with some kind of 
> sealer that turned into "jelly" after about 6 weeks.  I used an epoxy called 
> PC-7 I hope it stands up to the heat and Glycol.

This end cap can be replaced by a radiator shop that knows what it's 
doing.  Don't accept an answer that it can't be done - I've had it 
done in Austin, TX at Rupp Radiator.  That's your ONLY long-term 
solution, so get ready to do it.  Buy the end cap from a discount 
source, not a dealer!  FWIW - The little "tit" fitting next to the 
large hose is a pressure equalizer that's important on long 
trips...but you can get away with having it broken for in-town trips. 
 (That's the one which I and many other talented people break off...)

> The car has two basic problems left to contend with:
>     1.  The car shudders and shakes (brakes?) very infrequently. It happens 
> when the car has been on a long trip and starts when the brakes are applied 
> and continues for a while even after release.

Sounds like loose front suspension to me - or a brake problem like a 
sticking caliper??????????  (Why it keeps doing it puzzles me...)

>     2.  there is a great engine noise on take off, it sounds like noisy 
> lifters. This question was originally posted on a VW user group and answered 
> by Barry who told me about this list.  Barry gave some good pointers.  It 
> may be the A/C compressor.  But it seems to quiet down after a while.
> Lastly, where can I get a Repair Manual?
>                     Gene 

Try AudiOnly, 800/962-1902. Get the Bentley manuals; not cheap, 
but they're the best.  BTW - is this an 84 or 85 5000?  I do have a 
Bentley manual for sale to match those years.

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