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Re: Trans/Diff Seal

> So - what am I going to do when the DAMN thing is back together?
> 1)  Run synthetic trans. oil
> 2)  Change at no more than 30K intervals

I've been thinking about doing the same thing... using synthetic trans.
fluid along with the synthetic diff. fluid that's already in there.

BTW, what are the symptoms of a failing transmission ? My transmission
shifts smoothly (fingers crossed) except that on start it builds momentum
slowly. Reverse engagement is also fine.

> The trans/diff seal, according to what I've heard, is a bogus issue.  
> There is no direct connection and flud interchange should not be 
> possible.

Hmmm, interesting... if this is true, then why are all of changing or 
looking at getting the damn seals changed ? Also, if the seals are ok
why did we have to change to synthetic diff. fluid ? The explanation that
I had is that it mixed with auto. trans. fluid and then evaporated !

Anybody have any comments on this ???