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Re: Relative power from engines

Vikram Mittal writes:
> That's what surprises me. European Car and others made such a big deal about
> the 1.8 engine with the 5 valves. It's also turbocharged. What surprises	
> me is that despite the 5 valves (making this one of the most advanced 
> engines) AND a turbo it only develops 150 hp and I don't remember the 
> torque number, but that was also quite unimpressive.

You haven't looked more carefully!  The torque is exactly what is
mighty impressive about this 1.8T 20V engine.  It reaches its
torque peak of 155 lb-ft and maintains it from 1750 rpm to almost
5000 rpm.  THAT's a flat torque curve!  This should make the 1.8
feel like a much larger engine.  What's more, the turbo is tuned very
conservatively, providing very low boost.  What this means is
that there is a lot of potential for hot-rodding.  The like of
Ned Ritchie will likely wring some serious power of of these

150hp may not be earth shattering, but Audi was after real world
driveability when they designed this engine.  The parameters are
tuned to enhance torque instead of top end power.  On the road,
this engine should prove to be much more street-friendly than many
others with higher hp ratings.

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