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Ignition computer woes

I am in the middle of trying to resurrect my 83 TQC.
The ignition computer hasn't worked for some time. 
I have the factory manuals for the car and have done
all of the troubleshooting, yet it doesn't work.  I called
Ned Ritchie and asked for help.  One plan is to make a 
breakout box for the ECU.  I have located the correct
AMP-Germany connectors  (You hear that guys, you can rewire
any nasties in your ECU harness for few $).

Mostly I am asking for a few words of wisdom or encouragement.
There is some small chance the time belt is off by 180 degrees.
I had a broken arm and lost a water pump.  So I had the local
shop do the belt as well. It never ran right afterwards.  They
wanted to sell me a $600 distributor, which I rebuilt later for
$80.00 but to no avail.  The computer was previously tested,
and all of the reference signals show up with a scope.  I traced
the ICU firing circuit back through the ICU till I hit unknown
chip pins.  No reset si9gnal for the latch circuit. ie no ignition.
The primary ignition works flawlessly.  I will retest the computer
tonight on a nieghbors car (I cold called a guy who lives 50 miles 
away who has one for sale!)  

Could I be mistaken about seeing the flywheel marking, it looked 
dark and slightly rusty or dirty.  Could I move the distributor
by 180 degrees and disconect the coil wire to test for ICU signal?
Any other ideas?

Paul Timmerman  - Dead TQC Owner