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Re: re: V8 quattro tyres


>the dealer tells me that the S6 wagons are coming any day now..
>anybody seen one yet?
Why yes, I have seen one.  Carousel Imports in Wayzata, MN (suburb
of Minneapolis) had a "purplish" colored S6 wagon.  I'm not
exactly sure what the color is really called... it looked nice
though!  It had a black leather interior and a window sticker of
about $48,000 (US).  They also had a black on black regular S6
right beside it for 46 grand plus some change.  ;)  
If anyone happens to be interested in these cars, you should call
Roger Evanson at (612)-544-9591  -he's a great guy... we bought
our '93 S4 from him just over a month ago.  



'93 S4
'87 4kCSQ